It’s so simple, yet often overlooked. Gratitude needs to be at the forefront of our personal lives, but it’s also an essential business practice. Sometimes we get caught up in acting and looking professional and forget that emotion has a place in business as well. When used correctly, emotion shows strength and confidence. 

Gratitude doesn’t need to take the form of lofty gestures of gifts or money. I’ve included a few easy ways to show gratitude within your business.

  1. A Heartfelt Thank You Card
    We have become so accustomed to shooting off quick emails, but there is something special about a handwritten thank you card. Maybe your assistant went above and beyond to finish an important task, or maybe your insurance agent found a way to save you several hundred dollars. Take five minutes to address a thank you card. This is an easy way to show gratitude, and you can bet the person on the receiving end will feel appreciated.
  2. A Phone Call
    Again, emails are easy and perfect for back-and-forth communication, but a phone call can show gratitude on a more personal level. If you catch their voicemail, ask for a call back and make sure your thank you is given to them live and not via a recorded message.
  3. Take Them To Lunch
    If an employee completed a big project that exceeded expectations, or your team landed a big deal, consider taking them out to lunch or catering in a good meal. This is a fun way to say thanks, and you can begin the lunch by standing up to say a few words of gratitude and appreciation. A great way to order lunch for a group is by offering them the choice of items on a menu so each employee can choose something they like.
  4. Extra Time Off
    Nothing says thank you more than giving someone an unexpected half-day or an extra day of vacation. This is a perfect way to say thank you for a job well done, and give them a reward. One tip: let them choose when they use the time off!

Gratitude in business can be incorporated into your daily routine and is a powerful way to make an impact. Small but positive acts distinguish your business and improve relationships. There are several other ways to plant seeds like this to grow your business; I outline a few ideas here.

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