Spring is a time of growth so it’s only natural that we use this season as motivation to improve business and cultivate new growth. I’ve outlined 3 ways to plant seeds now that will grow your business over time and help it blossom.

  1. Networking

    Networking often gets a bad rap because we assume it means a lot of extra time commitment. And sometimes it does if you’re a member of a networking group that meets regularly. But networking doesn’t always require expensive groups and weekly meetings. Strive to network daily; whether it be at the coffee shop, at lunch or at your child’s after-school activities. These networking opportunities are everywhere, but the most important thing to remember is that meaningful conversation can pave the way for a relationship. Don’t pass up the opportunity to network online and through social media as well. Building value and connecting on social media can be a jumping off point for many businesses.


  2. Strategic Engagement

    You’ve networked, you’ve created relationships, now what? Now, you engage! This can be done through social media, traditional advertising, phone calls, email marketing and much more. Encourage potential customers and current customers to interact with you and remember to create value for them. All customers want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Your messaging should answer this question.


  3. Consistent Communication

    Once you’ve created a solid relationship, consistent communication is key. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are all forgettable; especially if we don’t stay in front of our audience. One of the most important seeds to plant in a growing business is a marketing strategy and plan. It should be well thought-out and planned in advance. So many businesses go month-to-month without a long-term vision. Learn more about how time management is the secret to your success.

    As a business owner, many things fall to the side when it gets busy. If communication is planned in advance you can ensure consistency and keep in front of your audience.

These are easy steps that will help you work 
on your business, not in your business. Plant these seeds now and watch your business grow! Learn more about my business coaching here or if you’d like to chat further, find me on Facebook, I’d love to connect!