There are 24 hours in each day. That never changes. What we’re talking about today is managing your schedule and how you use that 24 hours in the most effective way possible. That is the real test.

There will always be a mountain of to-dos in any business, but it’s important to learn how to accomplish the “big rocks” and feel accomplished when you end each day. The question is how? Well…read on!

1. Prioritize Only a Few Tasks

These are the big rocks. We’re talking 2-3 tasks or projects that need to be completed. If you have 10-15 priorities, then they aren’t priorities. You feel me?

2. Don’t Fall Victim to Being Too Busy

Everyone is busy. “Busy” will never be an acceptable excuse for poor time management. If there isn’t time for a task, then be honest. Send a message. Make a phone call. In most instances, it will be okay. It’s a personal roadblock when we put too much pressure on ourselves.

3. Spending Too Much Time on a To Do List

This is the easiest way that we subconsciously procrastinate. Everyone loves a good to do list; I know I do! If you spend too much time creating lists, you’re using precious time. Pay attention to how much time you spend planning; you will be surprised.

4. Postponing Projects and Cutting Corners is Okay

And sometimes necessary! Are you shocked *gasp* that I just said it’s okay to cut corners? Sometimes getting a project done is enough. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Your perfectionist tendencies can cost you a lot of time and stress.

The best way to manage yourself and your day is by setting priorities, scheduling your calendar and devoting time to completing those tasks. Some things will inevitably be overlooked, but that is true in any business. Success doesn’t mean you’re getting every single thing done, it means you’re getting the most important tasks done to move your business forward.

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