There is a refreshing feeling about the entrance of spring. Many of us welcome the change in season by cleaning and decluttering our homes. But what about our businesses? This is the perfect time to put your business on the right path. I’ve outlined five ways to spring clean your business:

  1. Audit Daily Operations
    This is a big one and should pinpoint improvements you can make in processes, inefficiencies, overhead and operations. Take a step back and analyze what’s working and what isn’t. You will be amazed at the areas that can be streamlined or transformed. If this feels overwhelming, start with small changes, or consider hiring a business consultant to help.
  2. Make Your Website Shine
    When a potential customer or client arrives on your website what is their first impression? Your online presence is one of the most important parts of your business because in many cases it is a determining factor for whether that customer decides to contact you. Hire a professional that can make solid recommendations for your website and your overall online presence (this should include social media too!).
  3. Update Your Business Plan
    If you have to dust off your business plan it’s been too long since you looked at it! A business plan should be updated yearly and provide a road map for the year. It doesn’t mean that you’ll follow through with every item you outline, but it’s helpful for keeping on task.
  4. Clean Out the Paper and the Clutter
    Keeping records and documents is essential in business, however, if your paperwork dates older than your first born, it might be time to declutter. The IRS recommends holding onto documents and records for no more than seven years. Call a shredding service or invest in an office shredder and host a shred party! This is also a great time to clean the clutter out of drawers and cabinets. Organizing guru Marie Kondo would suggest that if it doesn’t bring you joy and isn’t essential to business, it’s time to toss it.
  5. Clean Up Your Inbox
    Is your email organized into folders? If your emails are all coming into your inbox unorganized, you’ve got some work to do! Email organization always hits the back burner because there are more pressing tasks, but make an effort with spring cleaning to do those things you always put aside.

Take a deep breath; You don’t have to do this alone. I can help you tackle the tough stuff (and the stuff you don’t want to do) to get your business on track! Reach out to me here, I’d love to connect with you.