This is my year of reinvention and I have been enjoying myself so much! That’s why you’re here and I want to welcome you to my blog. It’s my first post and so, let’s get to know each other. Except this will be a tad one-sided…unless you would like to chime in with a comment, which I would adore.

As a teacher, I have always loved the art of writing. I have relished in both teaching it and indulging in quiet time to get my thoughts out. Now, this year, to my own amazement, I became a bona fide book author, a dream I have not had the time to pursue until I was able to catch a break from teaching this year. It’s a little odd to have all this time on my hands this summer, but I have been filling it up with marketing for One Up Max, the lopsided-eared canine love of my life, and the star of his own book: One Up Max Adventure: Runic and the Crystal Cave. I always knew that Max was special and wondered what he got up to when he wasn’t hanging out with the family or posing for pictures, but I had no idea one day he had slipped away to another dimension? It seemed like he wasn’t even gone that long? Oh, but I’ve said too much! You’ll just have to get your paws…I mean…hands on it if you want to know more!
My little Maxie Man is just one of my passions. When I was younger, I was a lot more physical and couldn’t get enough of exercising my body. My favorite way to do that was through playing softball and baseball.

I guess I have always chased dreams and have never thought that I had any limitations as to what I can do to live the way I want. So, In 1996, I played softball in the Olympics for Puerto Rico. That was after a stint playing pro baseball for the Colorado Silver Bullets. Here’s a throwback picture for you!



My point is…why not you? Why not reach your dreams, too? Whatever they are! There is no difference between me chasing and catching my desires and you, doing the same! That’s one of the reasons this site is here. I want to give you the tools to attain the longings in your heart. You know what I’m talking about! The ideas you have ALL THE TIME that you can never stop thinking about? The fantasies in your head that you hope will come true one day?


They can!


As we get to know each other through this blog, I will share with you what writing and speaking ventures I am up to personally and all the adventures One Up Max and I are embracing! But I am also going to be real with you and will confide what is working in my strategies and what isn’t. We are going to learn together how to keep climbing and we will inspire each other!

There are lots of plans in the works to keep growing Hula Girl Beverages, to launch Max (further) out into the world by sharing his journeys on the written page…and everywhere else… And to let you in on the many mindset secrets that will help you stop dreaming and start achieving! As we embark on this new path together, remember that the only difference between playing in the Olympics and opening up the doors to a fresh business or going back to school or starting a charity, or whatever your heart wants is simply the difference between the definition of the dreams. The work and the dedication are the same. Once you can harness your energy to tackle one dream, you possess the power to reach them ALL!


Thank you for joining me on my brand-new site!


Let’s get this party started with one of my favorite quotes, by an anonymous author:


“Live simply. Love generously. Learn constantly.”


All my love & belief,