Not many people are as emotionally strong as they’d like to be. Our inner strength is frequently the limiting factor in our lives. If we were just a little tougher mentally, we’d be willing to try more, and we’d accomplish more.

Inner strength makes molehills out of mountains. Every obstacle is less likely to be insurmountable if you possess a high degree of inner strength.

It’s not necessary to be born mentally tough. You can develop this quality in yourself.

Grow your inner strength and overcome any obstacle with these techniques:

  1. Develop yourself physically. Inner strength is easier to attain if you’re strong in other ways, too.
    – Develop your body and mind. Suffering through a challenging workout is a great way to build your mind and body at the same time. With a strong mind and body, you become unstoppable.
  2. Develop your ability to focus. To a large extent, inner strength is the ability to focus on what needs to be done regardless of the circumstances. You can’t just decide to focus and suddenly be good at it. You’ve spent a lifetime distracting yourself. It takes time to learn to focus well for extended periods of time.
    – Keep your attention on whatever you’re doing. When your attention floats away, bring it back. Keep doing that until you’re good at focusing.
    – Meditation is also a powerful way to learn how to focus. A daily meditation practice is worth considering if you’re serious about increasing your inner strength.
  3. Make yourself uncomfortable. You can take a cold shower. Stay up all night. Do yard work. Walk up to strangers and start a conversation. Sing in front of your friends. Dye your hair blue and walk around your neighborhood. Dealing with discomfort is an important part of inner strength.
  4. Do hard things. Climb a mountain. Run a marathon. Write an entire book. Go an entire day without speaking. Wake up an hour earlier for the next month. Learn a new language. Memorize 100 digits of Pi.
  5. Decide quickly. Make decisions quickly. It’s weak to postpone making decisions just because you don’t want to take responsibility for your life. Be responsible but make up your mind and own your decisions. Take responsibility for your life.
  6. Take action regularly. It’s not enough to make a decision. You have to do something, too. Avoid falling into the trap of procrastinating or spending too much time learning and planning. Those with inner strength take action.
  7. Remember your past accomplishments. Remind yourself that you’ve accomplished some impressive things. You’ve overcome obstacles. You might remember that you’re tougher than you thought. Relive those past successes and the obstacles you overcame.
  8. Develop an effective attitude. Tough, positive, action-oriented, diligent, committed, aggressive, disciplined. Are these words you would use to describe yourself? What qualities do you think someone with inner strength possesses? Build these qualities in yourself.
  9. Surround yourself with the supportive people. You’re stronger when you surround yourself with strong, supportive people. Negative people will sap your inner strength. Weak people will do the same thing. Surround yourself with the right people, and you’ll be more capable.

How tough are you? Are you the toughest person you know? If not, you have some work to do. A lack of inner strength is very limiting. Imagine how much more you would do if you could double your inner strength!

You can become mentally stronger if you’re willing to take the appropriate steps. Your life is waiting for you, so do it now!